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What is the purpose of Loma Linda Lions Eye Foundation

  • To provide eye care for residents of the area served by Lions District 4L5.
  • To establish a referral system through a Lions Foundation to benefit both paying and non-paying patients requiring diagnosis, treatment and care for diseases of the eyes.
  • Those with the ability to pay will pay, and those without the ability to pay will be treated free of charge or according to their ability to pay.
  • Persons already covered for eye care by their HMOs are not eligible unless a recommmendation is made and aproval is given by the HMO doctor.
  • Decisions are made by a majority of a board of trustees, consisting of Lions and Lioness only.
  • All 4 regions of District 4L5 are represented by four members per region and one Lioness representing the Lioness clubs.

Who provides the service for eye treatment and care

  • Loma Linda's Department of Ophthalmology is the service provider which includes doctors specializing in cataract surgery, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, pediatrics, macular degeneration, comprehensive and neuro-ophthalmology.

Dose the Foundation pay for the doctor's services

  • LLLEF does not pay for individual treatment, but donates to Loma Linda in lump sum increments, as it is able.
  • Monies are raised through club memberships, award plaques, memorials and donations.
  • Referrals from non-member clubs are accepted, but club memberships are encouraged in order to help defray costs. A one-time-only membership fee of $100 is requested plus dues of one dollar per member per month. The club will be billed twice yearly, in July and January.
  • Clubs are encouraged to budget for LLLEF as they would for any other service project.
  • Send monies to Treasurer Steve Fedor, PO Box 1871, Yucaipa, CA 92399.
  • A plaque can reward a deserving Sight Chairman, a local eye doctor who has given your club a break on eye exams and glasses for school children or any deserving person.

.....The Hugh Arther award can be purchased for $250.

.....The Betty Clark Mong award for $500.

.....The Helen Keller award for $1,000.

  • The order form, filled out and accompanied by a check made out to:


PO Box 1871

Yucaipa, CA 92399.

Why do we need LLLEF when we already have SCLEI

  • Convenience!! Distance to Santa Monica was a hardship for a handicapped patient or for a Lion member providing the patient with transportation to doctor appointments. Patients can now recive treatment closer to home and trips to Santa Monica are no longer necessary.
  • LLLEF fulfills the need for specialized eye care for residents of District 4L5 only.

Where does the patient go for appointments

  • To 11370 Anderson St., Suite 1800, Loma Linda for all scheduled appointments.

What is the step by step Procedure for referring someone who is having a vision problem but whose local eye doctor canot fix it

  1. Ask your club president for an LLLEF referral form.
  2. If necessary, help your friend fill it out completely, include
    • Insurance information and signature for release of medical records.
    • Your Lions or Lioness Club and your Name as the referring member, as well as your signature.
    • On the back, description of patient's condition in patient's own words.
    • Report from the local doctor, Loma Linda requires this to confirm that help from Loma Linda is recommended.
  3. Make copies for your club Sight Chairman and the patient.
  4. Send completed form to PDG Dwight Winans, whose address is on the front of the referral form. The referral will be forwarded to Loma Linda where a staff member will call the patient to set up an appointment at the 11370 Anderson Street, Suite 1800, Loma Linda, CA address.
  5. Rember, Loma Linda does not provide glasses, contact lenses or prescriptions. These should be provided by local optometrist or ophthalmologist.

Additional information:

  1. A referral can be made through any Lions or Lioness club, weather the club is a member or not, as long as the club submits the referral form, completely and properly filled out.
  2. Forms not completely filled out are returned to the Board of Trustees, who then must try to get the missing information, causing much unnecessary delay.
  3. An average of 65 to 75 referrals are made through Lions and Lioness clubs each year.
  4. LLLEF turns back to Loma Linda an average of $15,000 per year for which Lion/Lioness referrals recive over $140,000 worth of services provided by the Loma Linda staff.
  5. The most frequent conditions that Lion/Lioness referrals are treated for cataracts and glaucoma but other eye diseases and conditions are treated also.
  6. If the one-time club membership fee of $100 was paid at the time the club first became a member, it is not required again even if the membership lapsed somewhere along the way and the club wishes to regain membership status.

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